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Accessible NativeScript - Part 2 - The Labeling

29 Jul 2019  by  m_abs

This is the second part in my Accessible NativeScript-series. Since part 1 NativeScript 6.0 have...


Accessible NativeScript - Part 1 - The Setup

7 Jul 2019  by  m_abs

This is the first article in a series about making NativeScript app accessible, using the plugin ...


NativeScript: Accessibility font scaling

16 Jul 2017  by  m_abs

As a part of making our apps more accessible for our partially sighted users, we want to support ...


Accessibility extension plugin for NativeScript

31 Oct 2016  by  m_abs

As mentioned in my last post, I'm working on an Audiobook player for my employer. ...


First talk: Cross-Platform Development - Using Angular 2 & Nativescript

29 Oct 2016  by  m_abs

On the 6th October I held my first ever public talk at AngularJS Copenhagen on the topic...


Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

19 May 2014  by  m_abs

On 30th April 2014 I said goodbye to (( I've enjoyed working w...


Announcing WebPerfM

20 Jan 2014  by  m_abs

WebPerfM ((WebPerfM project page on Github)) (horrible name I know) is a performance test tool fo...



8 Sep 2013  by  m_abs

On the 12th August 2013, I've started working for as their new webdeveloper. GoLease....


I started my new job back in February.

4 Nov 2012  by  m_abs

It's "bit" delayed, but back in February I started a new job. I was employed with the Birker...


Varnish, Ispconfig and apache2's access-log

4 Nov 2012  by  m_abs

My web server that hosts this site, is running on Debian GNU/Linux with Apache2, Varnish and the ...


Politikere med ikke-svar svar

21 Apr 2012  by  m_abs

Jeg havde fornyligt en lille udveksling med vores kulturminister Uffe Elbæk, på hans facebook sid...


The Coolest Merge EVER - My take

26 Nov 2011  by  m_abs

Linus Torvalds wrote about "The coolest merge EVER!" back in June 2005 ((http://www.gelato.unsw.e...



31 Aug 2011  by  m_abs

Inspired by some patches I found on kde-apps, I've started working on the great KDE application K...


Now a Supporting member of KDE e.V.

1 Dec 2010  by  m_abs

And now to something I've very passionate about, OpenSource and specifically KDE. A few months ba...


TV i S-tog endnu en brev udveksling

10 Oct 2010  by  m_abs

Den 14. September sendte jeg en mail til Niklas Marschall og Gert Frost fra DSB S-Tog, da jeg var...


DSB: Det her er jo bare en byttehandel

10 Sep 2010  by  m_abs

Politikken bragte et interview med Niklas Marschall ((


Processingjs quick-tip: Making the main-canvas transparent

29 Aug 2010  by  m_abs

With processingjs you can't give the background color an alpha-channel in the main canvas (the Pr...


Using Processing-js as an JavaScript-library

13 Aug 2010  by  m_abs

I've started playing with the JavaScript library Processing-js ((Processing-js website)) for rend...


Nyt svar fra DSB S-tog ang. reklameskærme

21 Jul 2010  by  m_abs

Blot et hurtigt indlæg, DSB S-tog har svaret på mine kommentarer ((


Svar fra DSB omkring reklameskærme i s-toget

7 Jul 2010  by  m_abs

Jeg skrev i Onsdags en klage til DSB kundeservice omkring larmen fra reklameskærmene i S-toget. T...


Reklameskærme i S-toget nu med lyd

3 Jul 2010  by  m_abs

DSB har for nogle måneder siden besluttet sig for at nu skulle der TV i s-toget, jeg mente det lø...


Hvorfor diskutere vi det her i 2010?

26 Mar 2010  by  m_abs

Så er ligestilling for homoseksuelle til debat igen. Folketinget diskutere om homoseksuelle ...


Demonstration mod medielicensen

21 Mar 2010  by  m_abs

Nu er det her lidt forsinket, men jeg synes, jeg ville dele dette alligevel. Lørdag d. 6 mar...


Åbent og demokratisk samfund? Ikke her.

25 Feb 2010  by  m_abs

I forbindelse med forhandlingerne af ACTA, har Danmark endnu engang vist en grim side af sig selv...


DR og censur

30 Jan 2010  by  m_abs

Forord Jeg tror, at jeg indledningsvis bliver nødtil kort at forklare mit forhold til licensen, d...

Tags: - Domæne indehaver mister domæne efter 9 år til 11 måneder gammelt firma

22 Nov 2009  by  m_abs

Jeg læste fredag til min store forargelse om endnu en absurd sag om domæner, denne gang


Started on Git

22 Nov 2009  by  m_abs

I'm currently learning, how to use git and plan to move my private svn-repository to git soon. I ...


Reducing memory usage with JavaScript

25 Oct 2009  by  m_abs

In this article I'll talk about reducing memory leaks in JavaScript with focus on working with jQ...


jQuery-plugin: jquery.rightclick

22 Jun 2009  by  m_abs

I've written a plugin for jQuery to handle right click events. The plugin provides two features: ...


Banana cake with chocolate glaze

26 May 2009  by  m_abs

This is the recipe for my favorite cake, being a big guy there is some competition for this title...


Creating a custom dialog with jquery and jquery.blockUI

13 May 2009  by  m_abs

The goal of this article is to demostrate how to create a dialog with it own self-contained funct...


Learning to get more out of jQuery

11 May 2009  by  m_abs

A quick recommendation for the people who want to learn more about using jQuery. There is a grea...


Namespacing in JavaScript

6 May 2009  by  m_abs

To structure my javascript code I've developed a namespace scheme ((Javascript doesn't really hav...


Backup using encryption and gmail

21 Apr 2009  by  m_abs

Today I was a bit bored, so I wrote a script to backup up my personal svn repository. I use my sv...


Reintroducing a little sanity in working with JavaScript

20 Apr 2009  by  m_abs

When I first started working with JavaScript (JS), I came from a background working with type-sa...


Unexpected benefits from even small contributions to Open Source

1 Apr 2009  by  m_abs

Once long ago I had a problem with Kopete ((KDE's instant messaging client