31 Oct 2016

Accessibility extension plugin for NativeScript

As mentioned in my last post, I'm working on an Audiobook player for my employer.

As a part of the project, my team and I have published a plugin for NativeScript to make it easier to access accessibility features for both Android and iOS.
The target audience for our project are people with dyslexia or visual impairment, this makes accessibility is key feature for us.

Unfortunately this is one of the few things NativeScript doesn't do very well. We've provided a few patches to fix accessibilityLabels, but beyond that finding a common abstraction for both platforms is probably not possible. The way Android and iOS do accessibility is just too different. It's possible to do it in code, but we'd rather do it in template.

React-Native have a pretty nice API using the platform specific accessibility features.

For our needs and inspired by the React-Native API, we've released @nota/nativescript-accessibility-extsourcecode.
The plugin is a work-in-progress and in time we'll go beyond what React-Native provides.

The plugin extends NativeScript's View-classes with new properties and can be used both with and without nativescript-angular.
In-time a demo App will be available, but not at the moment.