Software development:

  • Technology
    Last used
  • JavaScript
    9 years
  • AngularJS
    1 years
  • jQuery
    7 years
  • jQuery plugins
    5 year
    Very experienced
  • HTML
    10 years
    Very experienced
  • HTML5
    3 years
  • CSS3
    3 years
  • CSS
    9 years
    Very experienced
  • C++
    3 years
  • PHP
    5 years
    Very experienced
  • Perl
    1 year
  • Python
    ½ year
    Somewhat experienced


  • Docker
  • Git
  • Apache
  • Subversion
  • SSH
  • NFS
  • Linux cluster
  • WordPress
  • Postfix
  • ISPconfig3
  • Varnish
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu


Danish (native language)

English (business level)


May 2014 – present Web developer at Nota

Aug. 2013 – Apr. 2014 Software Develeper for

GoLease.com1 is the largest online trading site for equipment with financing offers.

My responsibilities were:
● Implement the new responsive design using JavaScript/jQuery and CSS3.
● Updating JavaScript to be strict-mode compliant.
● Streamlining usage of external libraries.
● JS-performance optimization.
● Worked on jQuery UI widgets
● Were responsible for cross-browser functionality
● Moved from CSS to SASS/Compass
● Rewrote built system to use Grunt and Requirejs.
● Worked on the Perl backend, using Catalyst, Moose, XSLT, CouchDB and CouchDB.

Technologies primarily used were JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, HTML, CSS, XSLT, Perl, Catalyst, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, SASS, Compass, Grunt, Requirejs

Feb 2012 – Aug. 2013 Software Develeper for Peercraft

Peercraft maintains Heste-Nettet2 the largest danish community site for horse enthusiasts.

My responsibilities were:
● Developing NtaMedia, a multimedia content system that allows the users to upload image and video files.
● Built the new user interface for creating and managing horse sales ads.
● The mobile PM interface
● many other parts of the site.

Technologies primarily used were JavaScript, HTML/CSS, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery-mobile, twig.js, PHP and MySQL

Jun 2009 – Jan 2012 Backend developer/System administrator for AdMad

I worked with system-administrator of a Linux-server network and software development for AdMad a company that specializes in graphical marketing and profiles.

During my time working for AdMad, I worked on various products. The technologies have mostly been based on PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and other scripting.

I created the latest version of Chanti’s web-store, Chanti is one the biggest online jewelry stores in Denmark operating in several European countries, each with their one localized version of the web-store. I’ve integrated this shopping system with three payment providers, integrated the store with external resellers and done some heavy performance optimization. The new version of Chanti’s site has been created to maximize SEO, while still being user friendly.

I have written a distributed mail sender called AdMailer, used to send out millions of mails for one of AdMad’s biggest clients. AdMailer is designed to use multiple server for ensure faster delivery and is designed to handle rejections to avoid being blocked.

One of the earliest music streaming services was a client of ours and it was my job to improve their systems mostly their web-services that provided all of their customers with access to the music catalog. But I have also patched and packaged software to the media boxes.

I have also written the document parser for AdMagz (an e-magazine system) as well as the HTML version of the magazine viewer.

May 2006 – Mar. 2009 Senior systems developer for ScioSphere A/S

Development of the client side for the analysis tool ScioSphere was my responsibility. ScioSphere is a web 2.0 application written in C++ (CGI) on the server side, and JavaScript plus HTML/CSS on the client side. During my work I have become skilled in cross browser development and I have written several plug ins for the jQuery library.
I also shared administrative responsibility for the internal servers, Linux cluster and external web servers.

I worked on integrating ScioSphere in external systems, for this purpose I developed a Javascript API to be included in those systems. To write this API I had to solve the cross site scripting problem, which is a security feature of modern browsers which prevents scripts from making requests from one site to another. This was solved by working around the security model by injecting scripts and submitting forms to iframes.

ScioSphere is capable of integrating with customers internal authentication systems this allows the user to simply click on a link in their own systems which logs the user into ScioSphere without entering username and password. I cooperated with the customers IT-department on setup these integrations.

I have worked on ScioSphere since before the launch of version 1.0. Up to version 2.0 the development process was incremental ScioSphere but at 3.0 we decided to redesign the interface and the back-end.
ScioSphere 3.0 was a major redesign of the interface and we switched from our own AJAX-library to the jQuery-library which gave us better, cleaner code and better performance. During the development of version 3.0, I needed plug-ins for jQuery that didn’t exist and I developed them myself, a plug-in for a two-dimension scrollable table and a plug-in for a dynamically generated context-menu

Dec. 2005 – Jan. 2006 Temporary IT-supporter in Årslev kommune.

I installed new computers in public schools, helped the user support and repaired damaged computers.

Nov. 2005 – Dec. 2005 Web-shop development for Light-by-night, based on osCommerce

I customized the standard system osCommerce for at small business called Light-by-night.

Aug. 2005 – Sept. 2005 Worked on fixing issues I had with KDE’s instance messaging client, Kopete

I found a usability problem with Kopete. I wrote a patch as a proposed fix the problem and submitted it to KDE. After some improvements the patch was included in KDE3.5.


Feb. 2005 – May 2005 Programming in C++, DTU

I took a single course at DTU to get to know the language C++.

Jan. 2002 – Mar. 2004 Studied: Datamatiker, Tietgen Business College

Datamatiker is a danish short term academic education in software development and computer science with both theoretical and practical studies. The focus is to cover the industry’s need for IT employees.

The programming language used during the education was Java (J2SE).


I have had IT as a hobby for many years and I’m very passionate about it. I always enjoy reading up on new technologies and trying some of them out for myself.

During my education I taught my self to use Linux both on the desktop and on the server. I’ve used various versions of Linux at home for years and have gotten involved in the Linux community in Copenhagen.

I’ve contributed to several open source project both with patches, testing and bug-reports. I’ve also spend a lot of spare time on on-line support. Wednesday evenings I go to SSLUG meetings at CBS, there we talk about software, development technologies and we try to help people with Linux-problems. It’s a good place to meet new people and to learn new things.
Late the summer of 2011 I decided that I wanted to do more, so I started to take over maintenance of the GUI RegExp generator called KRegExpEditor, with the intend of fixes all the crashes that made the application unreleasable and unusable.

In my work it is important for me to enjoy the work I am doing and to have good colleagues.

I’m originally from Odense but after commuting between my home in Odense and ScioShere’s office in Copenhagen for about 18 months I decided to move to Copenhagen. I have since bought an apartment on Nørrebro near Nørrebros runddel.

Since September 2012 I’ve worked hard to loose weight and get in shape. I’ve so far lost over 40 kilos by changing my diet and working out. I’ve starting running, swimming and I go to Zumba once a week. And I’ve set the goal for this summer to ride my bicycle to Odense to visit my friend and family.


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