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Reducing memory usage with JavaScript

In this article I’ll talk about reducing memory leaks in JavaScript with focus on working with jQuery and the encapsulation I used in my work1.

This dates back to a problem I had in my previous job, our web-application used a lot of memory and it just kept growing the longer the… Read more »

Creating a custom dialog with jquery and jquery.blockUI

The goal of this article is to demostrate how to create a dialog with it own self-contained functionality using jQuery and blockUI.

For this we need jQuery (v1.3.x)1 and blockUI(v2.15+)2. I assume you have at least basic understanding of jQuery and JavaScript to make use… Read more »

Reintroducing a little sanity in working with JavaScript

When I first started working with JavaScript (JS),

I came from a background working with type-safe languages like Java and C++.

Working with JavaScript wasn’t as much fun as working with C++ and Java. JavaScript has a very poor image and there are several problems with the language which can lead to very bad coding.

One of the… Read more »