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Goodbye GoLease.com and thanks for all the fish

On 30th April 2014 I said goodbye to GoLease.com1.
I’ve enjoyed working with GoLease.com, it has been a nice challenge and I’ve had some wonderful colleagues, who I’ll miss in the future.

Today 19th May 2014 I’ve started my new job as a web-developer with Nota2.

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Hallo GoLease.com,

On the 12th August 2013, I’ve started working for GoLease.com as their new webdeveloper.

GoLease.com is Denmark’s largest trade portal for leasing equipment to companies and individuals.

I’m looking for to my time with this new company and hope it will be as great a time as I had working for Peercraft.

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I started my new job back in February.

It’s “bit” delayed, but back in February I started a new job.

I was employed with the Birkerød (north of Copenhagen) based company AdMad, as a backend developer and systems administrator.

During my time with AdMad I’ve had the pleasure of working on a many different systems as well as kept the Linux servers up and running…. Read more »