This page is provided for history purposes, I doubt I'll update it again.

Here you'll find patches and ebuilds for KDE.
The ebuilds are for the Linux distribution Gentoo, but if you want to you can use these patches on other distributions if you manually patch KDE.

Some patches are made by me, others are here because I use them in my ebuilds.

My patches are "improved sort order on kdesktop" and "Sort by Name (Case Insensitive) first", more will follow when I feel like it.

All these are made to make KDE better for myself, but if others want to use them they are more when welcome to do so.

PS.: Don't blame me, if my patches crash your KDE, deep-fry your cat or any other bad things.

Date Text>
12th July 2005 Better late when never, my (split) ebuilds for KDE3.4 are now online. This includes "Improving KDE" and some of my own patches.
11-march 2005 Updated BalloonFileTip-patch too version 0.4, it now has a black border.

My suggestion for swapping "Sort By Name (Case Insensitive)" and "Sort By Name (Case Sensitive)" has been rejected, I think it's too bad that they (he)) didn't agree but that's life, bugreport can be found here.
03-march 2005 I just got my domain today, I put this page extremly quickly, it's made to be functional and NOT pretty.

In other news ;-)
Initial release of patches:
Improved Rubberband for KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4rc
Rounded edges in iconview in KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4rc
Devices first on desktop in KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4rc
Sort By Name (Case Insensitive) first KDE 3.3.2 and 3.4rc
and ebuilds for Gentoo linux.

PS.: If you happen to be a employer looking for a programmer or IT-employee, please have a look at my personal website (in Danish).