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Announcing WebPerfM

WebPerfM1 (horrible name I know) is a performance test tool for websites.

The idea came from the need for reliable performance test to know if a given site can handle a certain number of concurrent users.

For it to be a reliable performance test, it must act as close to real… Read more »

Processingjs quick-tip: Making the main-canvas transparent

With processingjs you can’t give the background color an alpha-channel in the main canvas (the Processing-object).

This behavior is inherited from the original Java-based Processing, where this doesn’t make sense to have an transparent background.

However it’s possible to have this effect, if you want to and I’ll show you how:

var el = document.getElementById( “basecanvas” ); var processing =… Read more »

Using Processing-js as an JavaScript-library

I’ve started playing with the JavaScript library Processing-js1 for rendering in the HTML5 canvas.

Processing2 is a programming language and processing-js is a javascript implementation of that language.
Well, I like JavaScript the way it is and the processing syntax is lazily translated to JavaScript anyway, so… Read more »

Reducing memory usage with JavaScript

In this article I’ll talk about reducing memory leaks in JavaScript with focus on working with jQuery and the encapsulation I used in my work1.

This dates back to a problem I had in my previous job, our web-application used a lot of memory and it just kept growing the longer the… Read more »

jQuery-plugin: jquery.rightclick

I’ve written a plugin for jQuery to handle right click events.

The plugin provides two features:

$( … ).disableContextMenu( condition_event );

This function disables the browsers build-in contextmenu (right-click menu on PC’s).

condition_event  – is an optional parameter, it’s meant to be a function-reference to determine if the contextmenu should be shown, the function must return true if the menu… Read more »