Welcome to my blog.

I’m Morten Sjøgren, online I go by the nickname m_abs or mabs. It’s the nickname I’ve been using since I was a young geek in my early teens.

I’m a software developer and Open Source enthusiast, I’ve been working professionally with software development since 2006. My speciality is web development with a focus on JavaScript. For a more detailed list you can see my CV.

Originally I’m from Odense, Denmark’s 3rd largest city, I’ve moved to Copenhagen after having commuted from Odense for 18 months and to further my career.

I’ve contributed to various Open Source projects and I was lucky enough to get my first job because I had contributed a patch to Kopete, KDE’s instant messaging application. I’ve also contributed to amaroK (a music player for KDE) and Twig.js (JavaScript implementation of Twig) amongst others.

I’m a kind and good natured guy, who prefer working closely with a few people.