Month: May 2009

Banana cake with chocolate glaze

This is the recipe for my favorite cake, being a big guy there is some competition for this title. ūüôā

This is a recipe I got from a friends mother, who is a great cook. It’s a banana cake with chocolate glaze.
Please note that this cake is in no way healthy to eat, but it taste great.

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Creating a custom dialog with jquery and jquery.blockUI

The goal of this article is to demostrate how to create a dialog with it own self-contained functionality using jQuery and blockUI.

For this we need jQuery (v1.3.x)1 and blockUI(v2.15+)2. I assume you have at least basic understanding of jQuery and JavaScript to make use… Read more »

Learning to get more out of jQuery

A quick recommendation for the people who want to learn more about using jQuery.

There is a great site called jQuery for designers, on this site you find video tutorials and articles for using jQuery. You can learn how to make great effects on your site with very little code using jQuery.

I hope you find that site… Read more »

Namespacing in JavaScript

To structure my javascript code I’ve developed a namespace scheme1. Namespace is used in languages like C++ to group functionality and data, it’s also used in Java but referred to as packages.

Coming from a C++ background with structure I wanted to impose a kind… Read more »